Our schedule has moved ONLINE during the COVID-19 closures

If ever there were a time to move your breath and body, this is it! We are connecting via Zoom for group classes during this time of physical distancing.

If you are joining online classes for the first time, please head to the online student portal to make sure you can log in to our booking system. This is where you can book and pay for classes and it is through this system that you will recieve the link to join the classes you book in for.
Links are sent at the time of booking. We suggest you pin or star your booking confirmation emails for easy access to the link when class time rolls around.
Online class opens 15-mins before start time.

If you're having any trouble with any part of the online process, don't let technical difficulties get you down - please let us know and we will help you get it working!

Our online schedule is posted weekly, each Sunday evening at the latest. Please wait for the live schedule to load below or click here to view the schedule in a new tab.














A private class allows you to work with individual injuries, obstacles or goals, or to bring in a group of people for a group private session.

Bikram Yoga Kingston Canberra private class

Here are some of the reasons to do a private class:

  • Extra attention to detail to maximise benefit and safety in the postures
  • Working with an injury or disability
  • Women's or men's only class
  • Learn the pregnancy series
  • Sports team off-season training
  • Team building/stress reduction for your work group
  • School excursion for your class (modified heat and duration to suit the age group)

Prices vary, depending on the number of people attending and duration of the class.
Please inquire via: or 0418 408 266 for more details.

Check out our testimonials in our Library to read what others have to say about doing a private class.